9 Unique Tips for Buying the Best Bathroom Accessories

An ultra-chic and contemporary bathroom is one where functionality meets design and creativity. Irrespective of the size of your bathroom, you can turn your bathroom into a relaxing sanctuary by picking the right bathroom accessories.

For those of you who are confused about how to choose the right bathroom fittings, here are 9 unique tips that your interior designer will never tell you to achieve a gorgeous and inviting bathroom.

  1. Reflect on your budget 

Whether you are remodelling your bathroom or doing it up for the first time, before you visit the home décor stores you must have a ballpark estimation of the amount you are willing to splurge. Look around your bathroom space, understand the layout, your requirement and accordingly draw a budget to revamp your bathroom space.

  1. Less is more 

A beginner’s mistake that you should avoid at all costs is to overdo your space and make it look cluttered. Go for a minimalistic approach and install essential accessories and ones which will enhance your bathroom’s aesthetic.

  1. Be flexible with the brands 

If something costs a bomb, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is high quality and long lasting. If you are on a tight budget, then a great way to get awesome deals is not to be brand conscious and check out the new brands in the market that look promising. Read the customer reviews and ask around before you buy accessories from a brand you have never stumbled across before.

  1. Focus on the essential accessories 

It is easy to get swayed away and buy a fancy bath set that you don’t need right now. Before buying luxurious accessories from the home décor stores, you must cover the basic accessories that you can’t do without. Some basic accessories that you should give priority to include faucets, sink, shower head, wall mirror and light fixtures.

  1. Focus on the lighting 

You can elevate the mood of your bathroom by introducing stylish light fixtures that match the theme of your bathroom. Some modern lighting fixtures you can consider installing are wall scones, pendant lights, lamps, mirror lights and chandeliers.

  1. Match the theme 

A sure-shot way of ruining your bathroom’s aesthetic is to buy bathroom fittings that don’t match the theme of your bathroom. It is hence advisable to decide on a theme, a colour palette and then buy everything right from the sink, faucet, bathtub to the towel rails that will look cohesive with the overall mood of the space.

  1. Buy organisers 

Organisers are not a luxury but a necessity in your bathroom which will help you keep your bathroom chic and clutter-free. Get creative when it comes to choosing organisers and install vintage etageres, toothbrush holders and open shelves in your bathroom.

  1. Don’t miss the details 

It’s the small things that make a significant difference in the way your bathroom will look. Pay attention to the floors of the bathroom and the wall colour as they majorly affect how your bathroom will appear. Install a large wall mirror if you want to manipulate your tiny bathroom space and make it appear bigger.

  1. Install a grab rail 

Grab rails are a great addition to your bathroom especially if you have children and elderly people in your home. Make sure to choose a metallic railing colour that will look stylish and complement the theme of your bathroom.

Design a bathroom where there is a harmony of functionality and aesthetics. You need not spend a fortune to create your dream bathroom. Just reflect on the aesthetic you want and purchase affordable accessories that will match the vibe.

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