Be Aware of the Importance of Freezer Spacer in Material Handling

To expedite blast freezing, freezer spacers are frequently utilised in the food handling process. The length of time required for blast freezing can be decreased by 30% by simply installing a freezer spacer between each stack of goods on a pallet.

The distance between each layer of food makes it possible for the cold air to move through the load more effectively.

Additionally, freezer spacers aid in lowering water build-up while handling food during the thawing or washing processes.

Their readily nestable design also helps you save money and space! Steel racks are a fantastic option, but freezer spacers are even better because they take up less room, require less labour, and are less expensive.

Additionally, the spacers are simply washable for reuse with a power washer or a straightforward cleaning. Top Industries Inc. also use freezer spacers removal and insertion system while designing different material handling system.

One of the greatest business electrical energy consumers in the US is the cold storage and freezer warehouse sector.

According to a Southern California Edison Electric Company study on energy-efficiency measures, cold storage companies spend more than 70% of their monthly electrical expenses on operating refrigeration and freezer units.

The average annual electrical energy consumption for the sector is between 40 and 60 kilowatt-hours/square foot of floor space.

Saving energy using freezer spacers

Numerous factors affect electricity rates. They include things like your location, peak times, and any energy shortages or surpluses your electricity provider may be experiencing.

You can also have defined pricing points to minimise unanticipated cost differences. If you are a commercial entity, your rate will typically be less expensive than residential rates.

Even if you have to pay the electricity bill, you may definitely improve the efficiency of the freezing process. One solution is to upgrade your infrastructure with more advanced, energy-efficient equipment.

You could increase your control methods or decrease your cooling load. However, investing in freezer spacers for increased freezing effectiveness is one of the easiest and best returns on your energy investment.

How to use freezing spacers

Fridge spacers are simple to use! As you pack your goods on a pallet, merely add a freezer spacer in between the level of the goods.

With the spacer placed in between each packed layer, now more air can flow through the palletized load, enhancing the speed and effectiveness of the goods’ freezing.

When handling food goods that need to be frozen during the material handling process, these freezer spacers are very crucial.

Impact of freezer spacers on your energy savings

There is no question in our mind that freezer spacers can reduce your energy usage. By using freezer spacers, which need low initial capital, you can save on expenditures.

The layers of packaged food will be separated by freezer spacers, which will allow super-chilled air to freely circulate around your products. Blast freezing is the process of surrounding boxes with extremely cold, fast-moving air.

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