Find the Most Essential Opportunities of Living with a Puppy

When adopting a puppy or an adult French bulldog, one of the first accessory purchases is of course it’s walking equipment. However, it is sometimes complicated to navigate with all the products on offer. Here are some explanations for choosing the right harness. There are indeed a multitude of different choices and it is essential to choose the right harness according to your dog and the activities you want to carry out with him.

Harness Or Collar, How To Choose?

Are you hesitating between harness and collar? Confused about what’s best for your Frenchie Dog? The answer is very simple: ideally you should have both. Indeed, it is recommended to get your dog used to wearing a flat collar and a harness. So this will allow you to use one or the other depending on your needs and activities.

The collar: The flat collar can be used to learn to walk on a leash, it will also be essential to hang your dog’s medal indicating his name and your contact details in the event of a problem.

The harness: The harness can be used for a multitude of different activities, education, sport, transport, etc. as we will see below.

Some dog breeds have very fragile and sensitive tracheae, such as Frenchie, for example. For these dog breeds, the harness is a priority, especially if your dog is under tension on his leash during walks. In short, the interest is above all to get your dog used to wearing these two tools early enough in order to allow you to choose the best tool to use according to your needs, in everyday life.

Why Use A Harness?

Harnesses can be used in many different cases, here is a list of the different cases where putting on a harness will be recommended:

For walks:

When walking, your French Bulldog must be kept on a leash. Indeed, even if you can let go of your dog on a walk, there will necessarily be times or environments where this will not be possible, such as in the city for example. This is why when out for a walk, putting on a harness will be a good idea. Unlike the flat collar, the harness has the advantage of being more comfortable for your dog.

In addition, there are a multitude of different harnesses to suit your needs. If your dog pulls a lot on the leash, the anti-pull harness will be very helpful in helping you. Conversely if you want to practice running like cani-cross during your walks, the traction harnesses will allow you to do so.