Potato Latkes With My Cuisinart Food Processor

I regularly host a Hanukkah celebration for my entire family, and that is no small feat. Between mine and my husband’s family, we have quite the crew. The situation usually goes like this: I handle the potato latkes and applesauce, and the guests handle everything else. While that may sound off balance, I will tell you, it is not. I make A LOT of latkes. 

For all of these years, I never could have done it without My Cuisinart Food Processor. It literally saved my life so many times during these holidays. After a few good years, I realized it was about that time when some parts were wearing down and needed replacements.  I was totally clueless as to whether or not this was even a thing, and I feared that I might have to buy a whole new food processor, which I was not quite ready for. 

Then I looked up parts, and found KitchenWorksInc. website, where they sell authentic Cuisinart dfp 14 parts. So I checked it out, made myself a list, and got what I needed. In this specific situation, I needed to make sure I got a shredding blade, another chopping blade and another work bowl. I also got a dough blade because who knows what I might try to make next?

But first, the latkes. They’re the main focus of this event because they’re a Hanukkah tradition that symbolizes the oil that lasted eight days and nights to light the menorah. So I make more than I can even tell you. Hundreds. How many, I don’t actually know. My husband, my daughter and my son all participate in making them, so trying to nail down an actual number is pretty difficult, especially given their skill levels and differences. Don’t get me wrong, we use them all, some just might be a little off looking and may not qualify as what we might otherwise call a normal latke. It’s all part of the learning process, and someone has got to teach these kids.

I can tell you that I wouldn’t be able to pull this off smoothly, if it were not for my Cuisinart food processor. All of the manual chopping and shredding- no, thank you. We prefer our easy way. If something can be done easier, then do that, because there are other aspects of this situation that aren’t easy or that can’t be skimped on, or it can mess things up. 

Really though, if we hadn’t started doing this with our Cuisinart food processor, we wouldn’t be able to handle the volume of our Hanukkah celebrations. It’s really a wonderful addition to our kitchen all year round, but especially for this special holiday. As a family, we are very grateful.