Tips to Negotiate MOQ with Chinese Factories

MOQ or the Minimum Order Quantity, is the lowest number of items a supplier is ready to manufacture or sell in a single order.

The MOQ is crucial when dealing with Chinese suppliers since it has a direct impact on product costs, pricing, and the efficiency of the supply chain.

It is cost-effective for buyers to achieve MOQs because Chinese suppliers often offer lower pricing for larger quantities.

Adhering to MOQs enables smooth product runs, lowers per-unit costs, and keeps good relationships with suppliers.

However, it is crucial to negotiate MOQ with Chinese factories since high MOQs can put financial hardship on buyers while too low MOQs can harm suppliers’ sustainability.

On B2B platforms like Alibaba, Global Source, etc. MOQ is frequently set high for Chinese suppliers. This necessitates purchasing a large amount of the same goods, affecting cash flow.

Setting an ideal MOQ is essential because it influences costs and marketing funds. Negotiating a lower MOQ is possible, but price balance is crucial.

Tips to Negotiate MOQ

Research Well and Highlight

Do extensive market, industry benchmark, and pricing research before starting any deals to negotiate MOQ with Chinese factories.

You’ll be more confident during negotiation if you understand the current rates and cost structures.

To understand the supplier’s pricing strategy, you should also examine its manufacturing capability and cost structure.

Start by highlighting your thorough research and dedicated team. Persuade suppliers of your market expertise and your capacity to sell their goods.

The requirement for initial orders to gather feedback should be stated. After conducting a market analysis, invest in higher MOQ orders to ensure future success.

Request Quotations for bundle and Combined Orders 

Request from the supplier-specific quotes that include a breakdown of all costs, including labour, overhead, and raw materials.

This gives you a head start to negotiate MOQ with Chinese factories and explains the cost structure of the supplier.

To boost the overall quantity, think about bundling various products or combining orders. For larger purchases, suppliers are generally prepared to negotiate on pricing and MOQ.

More favourable terms can be offered if a strong case is made in favour of a larger volume purchase.


Tell your supplier that to guarantee consistent service and package protection, testing shipping durability at a low MOQ is necessary.

Emphasize the effects of inadequate shipment on both your business and client happiness. Assure them of long-term cooperation while addressing any expense worries.

With additional strategies available if necessary, these negotiation techniques can facilitate the process.

Payment Options and Competitive Offering

Discuss several payment options that can help to negotiate MOQ with Chinese factories.

Providing a higher upfront deposit or agreeing to long-term payments, may result in more favourable terms. Suppliers are generally encouraged to meet lower MOQs through flexible payment terms.

Deal with price and MOQ independently, concentrating on one element at a time. With this strategy, the supplier won’t feel overburdened, and both parties can gradually come to an understanding. Negotiation can go more smoothly if it is done gradually.

Make it clear that you are looking at other manufacturers for the same products. To win your business, the supplier may offer a lower MOQ and a more competitive price.

Supplier’s Point OF View 

Mutual consent is necessary for a business to become successful. Thus, understand the difficulties faced by suppliers and empathise.

Assure them that the cooperation would be advantageous and reveal your business concept, including marketing tactics.

Sincerity is more important than expertise. A long-lasting relationship may depend on a genuine relationship.

Some suppliers are willing to accept the low MOQ, but are just unable to do so. You can proceed with negotiations by making slight modifications to the area that is forcing them to reject the deal. This can be labour cost, machine cost, or add-on incentives.

Suppliers agreeing to low MOQ instantly, can be a fraud. Thus, you need to research well, before going down further in this business.

Seeking the help of a sourcing agent can lessen the burden and help find a reasonable Chinese supplier willing to work on low MOQ.