5 Interesting Facts You Might Don’t Know About Lombok Island

Besides the gorgeous islands, there’s also much to be viewed from the island of Lombok itself. It’s full of culture and history, as it served among the Dutch trading centers for at least 200 decades.

Our tour guide, Hery Setyawan, has been a walking encyclopedia at a way he needed a treasure trove of details about his beloved island, a few of which we saw quite interesting for example:

  1. There’s a Temple Where ALL Religions Convene: The Lingsar Temple

In a universe where there are frequent spiritual disagreements or even wars, it’s refreshing to know there is distance, someplace (read: Lombok, Indonesia) that welcomes individuals from all walks of life with all sorts of beliefs and religions. Built in 1714 by the Balinese Hindus, the Lingsar Temple is still a sign of spiritual harmony in Lombok. It combines both Hinduism and Wektu Telu — a faith practiced from the Lombok natives, even the Sasak people.

Even though Wektu Telu believes in themselves as Muslims, they also have embraced other Hindu and animistic faiths. Therefore, the sign of unity and stability. Inside you will come across the Hindu segment in the northern region, although the Wektu Telu segment is located in the southwest.

When visiting: Employ a sash or sarong. In the event you forget, you will find sellers outside who will let you buy temple-appropriate clothes.

  1. A Seaworm Festival (Bau Nyale) Occurs Every February

Here is an intriguing tale: a few of the biggest festivals in Lombok are famous for paying tribute to this legend of Putri Mandalika. The Lady, who had been the daughter of the king of Tonjang Beru, has been famous far and wide because of her kindness and wisdom. After she came naturally, several suitors and princes requested her hand in marriage, which then caused stress and dangers of war between kingdoms.

Fearful of inducing warfare, Putri Mandalika announced that she adored her kingdom and her parents also much to select only one suitor. She then dragged herself to the sea in the cliff overlooking Seger Beach and vanished in the waves as a way of ‘committing herself to everybody’. People hunted for her, but they simply discovered masses of vibrant sea worms that known as nyale.

When visiting: Plan before February, be aware of dates and reserve your flights before entering Seger Beach.

  1. Conventional Houses Are Created from a Material You’d Least Expect

If you are one to sit on the passenger chair and look outside the window while the vehicle drives around Lombok, you will notice one obvious thing: virtually all buildings have been intended to have bell-like contours. From the traditional Sasak villages into the modern concrete structures, they possess precisely the exact identical kind of architecture. But you would be interested to discover that the old buildings have been created from the very unpredictable substance in history — buffalo dung.

Having a combination of straw, thatch, clay along with buffalo dung, you are going to find the basic substances for a normal Lombok traditional residence. It’s believed that besides the fantastic polishing substance, buffalo dung protects the home from poor spirits, and may also be utilized as natural mosquito repellents. There are far more contemporary imitations readily available, however!

When visiting: There’s certainly a traditional Sasak village known as the Sasak Sade only a bit following the airport, therefore don’t hesitate to drop by.

  1. ‘Elopement’ Can Be A Role of this Culture Here

We say love is dead, however it’s still residing here in Lombok. In reality, they nevertheless consider elopement a means of life, and it’s even embedded within their own culture. It’s a rite of passage, also when a few have eloped, the guy is regarded as ‘worthy’ of this esteem, honor and marriage.

A somewhat more strange culture that’s accepted here’s your ‘kidnapping of the bride‘, in which after a guy decides on a spouse, discussions will happen involving the upcoming bride and groom’s families. Following any qualms and questions are settled, the prospective bride will subsequently fulfill the upcoming groom in an agreed position, after that she’ll probably be ‘kidnapped’ straight back into his property.

When seeing: Maybe seek advice from your trip guide or neighborhood friends in the event that you’d love to attend a regional Sasak wedding!

  1. Lombok Is Referred to As the ‘Isle of 1,000 Mosques’

Sure some towns boast about using a million malls, however, Lombok has its own specialization: its own mosques, where numerous! You might easily count up to over ten during the journey from the airport to where you are staying.

It is not that unexpected, since Indonesia is the most prominent Muslim nation on the planet. While Lombok has among the most incredible beaches on earth, it’s likewise filled with Islamic heritage in its own areas of worship and shrines devoted to celebrated historical Muslim preachers. Although some people favor the pristine sands and the blue waters, the others may locate their own type of fulfillment here, so there is something for everyone in Lombok.

When visiting: There are tour packages especially curated for Muslim pilgrims.

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