A rookie’s basic guide to sit-stand desks 

Sitting for hours every single day can impact your spinal health and posture in the long run. No wonders, more professionals are keen on trying sit-stand desks, which are also called standing desks. A standing desk allows the user to sit and stand, as needed, often at the push of one button. If you have never heard of the concept or need help with buying one, this guide will come in handy. 

Are standing desks expensive?

It depends. If you check for PrimeCables sit-stand desks online, you can find electric variants that cost as low as $300. The cost of a standing is primarily dependent on two factors – 

  1. The type
  2. Features

Most standing desks can be divided into two broad categories – electric and manually-adjustable. The electric designs are powered by a motor, which makes it very easy to switch from sitting to standing (or vice versa) without much fuss. Manually-adjustable standing desks are great for smaller budgets, especially if you don’t mind doing those adjustments at work. 

How useful are standing desks?

Some professionals agree that using a standing desk makes them more productive at work. A good height-adjustable desk can prevent unwanted strain on your back and spine, besides the fact that you will burn more calories when you stand. Eventually, it all comes down to what you expect from your workspace. Considering that there are many choices in standing desk designs, you can always find one that’s flexible enough for your needs. 

Factors for buying a standing desk

  1. First things first, make sure that the height-range of the desk works for you. If you are taller or shorter than an average person, this could be a make-or-break factor for your purchase. 
  2. The next two important factors for selecting a standing desk are noise and speed. Don’t pick a desk that would make too much noise as you shift positions, especially if you work in a shared workspace or office. Secondly, the speed of the desk is important, because you don’t want to spend too much time at work trying to move. 
  3. Desk space is another critical aspect to consider. Some electric standing desks don’t come with a tabletop, and in such cases, you have to consider the weight capacity. The depth and width of a desk will determine how much space you have for your monitors and work supplies. 

Don’t forget to check online stores for standing desk designs and deals.