Consider Living In Pennsylvania With Low Cost Of Living And High Employment Rate

Pennsylvania is an underrated state because when people are given options they prefer the next-door state, NYC. However, the fact is that Pennsylvania has a lot to offer outsiders who decide to come and live in the city. The city has amazing junk, great college education, and so on. People who are moving to PA have a lot to talk about.

PA is a city where Fortune 500 companies succeed. You will find many startups growing in this city. The standard of living is affordable and residents there enjoy sports, art and culture, great food, and natural scenery. The unemployment rate has fallen tremendously as employment rose in PA.

Relocation will not be difficult from a different city if you hire a proper moving company and auto shipping company. Pennsylvania has the fifth largest state highway system in the USA which makes transportation convenient. The highways act as a bridge between the Northeastern states, southern states, and the Midwest states.

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Reasons to Move to Pennsylvania

Job Opportunities

It is home to 21 Fortune 500 companies. The whole city is built on the foundation of major corporations and industries. Along with them, you will also find start-ups and novice entrepreneurs flourishing. The city continues to grow in areas like manufacturing and robotics. The employment rate has increased since 2019.

Versatile Lifestyle

You will find all options for a healthy lifestyle and living conditions. If there is charming small-town life, then on the other side you will find trends of metropolitan city’s opportunities and activities. The standard of living is low so people of all kinds can survive easily. People relocating to Pennsylvania get all kinds of life to enjoy.

Affordable Standard of Living

The city, Pennsylvania, has many affordable places to live in. Bethlehem being at the top of the list is not only affordable but the hub of innovations and opportunities. With a low cost of living and low-income tax, people can afford a decent life for family and education for kids. The rent price in Pennsylvania is 50% lower than in NYC and the real estate price is 70% lower than in NYC.


Pennsylvania is known for top colleges and universities. The University of Pennsylvania, Temple University, Carnegie Mellon, and the University of Pittsburgh are some of the famous universities in Pennsylvania. At least one out of eight Pennsylvania students join the ranks in Penn state.

National Treasure

The city is called the Keystone State for its history, education, and natural beauty. The Liberty Bell, Independence Hall is packed with history. People from all over the state arrive in Cherry Springs to watch meteor showers and the darkest skies.


Who doesn’t know about Hershey’s chocolate and syrup? Everyone has had their share of chocolates made by Hershey. Pennsylvania is the home to Hershey. The founder of Hershey, Milton S. Hershey, started the company in Pennsylvania.

The weather may be a drawback in Pennsylvania, but even the rural areas have plenty of things to offer to people.  With beautiful surroundings, four beautiful seasons, and great cities, there is no reason for not moving to Pennsylvania.