Hiring a commercial architect? Ask these 5 questions!

Commercial projects require an architectural practice that specializes in the niche. Designing a food processing unit, office building, or something like a data center, is a different process than residential projects. Working with the right team of architects can make a massive difference to the project. Services like architecte Stendel Reich have worked with clients across different niches and industries, and their work profile says a lot about their expertise. In this quick post, we are discussing more on questions you must ask when meeting a commercial architect.   

  • Can you share a few of your recent project details?

Like we mentioned, the work profile of an architectural practice says a lot about what you can expect of them. Checking some of their important projects can help in understanding their expertise. If the company has worked in your industry or on similar projects with matching requirements, it is always an advantage. 

  • Can we check the qualifications of your architects?

Every company usually has an in-house team of architects, who work specifically on certain projects. Ask the architectural practice about who will be working on your projects, and as a client, you have every right to check and ask about the qualifications of top architects. This allows you to have a fair idea of the design process. 

  • What are the inherent challenges of this project?

When you share your goals and requirements with an architectural firm, they will typically come up with solutions. One of their key tasks is to have an heads-on approach to the basic challenges of project. Sometimes, it could be related to work flow and logistics, or often about space or budget. Ask the company as how they intend to tackle these concerns. 

  • What do you expect from us?

Besides the initial inputs, you need to know if a firm is going to lean on your resources, which can impact the flow of work. Many companies like to have a collaborative approach with their clients, depending on the needs of the project. 

  • What do you think of sustainable projects?

In today’s world, more investors and corporate firms are interested in adopting sustainability in their projects. For that, they want to work with architectural firms that have that kind of expertise. There are various ways in which commercial projects can minimize environmental impact without losing out on function or optimal use of space. 

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