How A Traffic Control Plan Works?

Traffic management is important for several significant reasons. Managing the traffic is so important that local governments, public utility authorities, and road construction organizations are required to design, approve, and implement the traffic control plans for the safety of pedestrians and drivers. The traffic control plan thus holds immense importance. It not only ensures public safety but also the safety of the workers and the smooth flow of traffic. 

  • What exactly is a traffic control plan?

A traffic plan is put in place or is implemented when construction, maintenance, or special events, suspend or interrupt the normal flow of traffic. It is adopted to ensure the safety of the pedestrians and the drivers on the street. It comes in the form of detailed drawings, showing the layout of temporary road signs and devices to navigate and warn the traffic around and through a work zone. An effective traffic control plan deftly demonstrates how the traffic is to be separated from the workers on the work site, safely. 

  • The importance of a traffic control plan

According to the work health and safety act, 2011, any person who runs a business is responsible for the safety of the people around the construction site. Further, there is also the added obligation to ensure that the road users are able to travel through and around the construction site safely. Since there are numerous risks associated with a work zone and traffic control, there should be sufficient signage surrounding the site that warns as well as guides the road users well before they arrive at the actual work site. 

  • Who issues a traffic control plan?

Any business entity that intends to commence work at a public or a private place that may obstruct or interfere with the traffic on working roads is required to hire professional, trained personnel to design, approve, and implement an appropriate traffic control plan. Furthermore, there are also several rules and policies these business entities are required to adhere to during the process. 


Traffic control plans thus play a dominating role in navigating and controlling the traffic around any work zone and someone running a business, therefore, must be aware of all the policies that may or may not be involved in the whole process. 

In this regard, Capital Traffic control specialists can help you with designing and implementing flawless traffic control plans.