How can millennials make money from home without investment?

Having a source of income while studying can be a great boost to your finances and help you live your lifestyle to the fullest. Not many students are comfortable meeting their college expenses, if they are not earning their own money. For instance, you need extra money to spend on the food you like, books, fuel, college vacation or trip, etc. How would it be if you can work from home without any investment? There are referral programs that you can join to help companies or banks get potential customers through your recommendations.

IDFC FIRST Bank through its MyFIRST Partner App helps earn money online without investment for students. All you need to do is to spend some time to build a solid referral network and recommend its financial products like a personal loan to your family members, friends and others who you know well. The referral partner program helps you earn much money if you:

  1. Associate with IDFC FIRST Bank

By being a part of a personal loan referral program, you are identified and appreciated by the bank as a connector or partner. Furthermore, IDFC FIRST Bank is one among the most recognized and credible banks in the country. You can have people know and get interested in the personal loans easily. These loans are offered at competitive interest rates and flexible repayment schedules.

  1. Register with MyFIRST Partner app

As a student if you want to work from home without any investment, you have to download and register your name with the IDFC FIRST Bank’s MyFIRST Partner app. The registration process requires you to provide details such as your name, address, date of birth and bank account details, and upload supporting documents.

Some of the essential documents include the scanned copies of your PAN Card and Aadhaar Card or any other proof like a Passport or Voter ID. You may also have to submit a document showing the bank account number and IFSC code.

Once you have joined as a referral partner, you get complete access to the app. With it, you can help your family members or friends to apply for an instant loan with minimal documentation quickly, track the progress of the loan applications, and get exciting rewards.

  1. Win the trust of people who you know well

You have to know who your customers are. If you can find friends or relatives who are looking for a financial help and can help them by getting a personal loan, you can win their trust. Most people buy a product or service based on the opinion of a family member or friend. This asks for the right referral offer, which is telling someone about a product or brand that you have had good experience in natural conversations. Through this online earning for students’ program, you refer personal loans to someone who you are related with or you know, which is an act of trust and social belonging.

  1. Have more referrals and disbursements

With every referral converted into a sale, you earn money. There is no limit to the number of referrals in this bank refer and earn program. You can keep getting new customers through word-of-mouth recommendations in your social circles. As you know them, you can ensure that they meet the eligibility requirements of the loan, which improves their chance of having the loan application approved. With every additional loan amount disbursement, you earn more money.

For millennials who are looking for an opportunity to earn money online, they can join IDFC FIRST Bank’s personal loan referral program.