How to Pick the Best Rugs for Your Décor?

Rugs in a home are made to ensure that the interiors look both uniform and aesthetic altogether. This will make sure that when guests step inside your house, they get consistent and soothing visuals of the décor. But there is more to just abruptly picking up rugs and aligning them in your rooms. Here are certain obvious questions that arise about picking the right rugs and here we are answering them all.

Should the rugs match the adjoining rooms?

Instead of matching all the rugs in all the rooms, you can pick different rugs by keeping a couple of colors in common. You can have custom neoclassical designs in the bedroom, in the music room, and the living room with other designs in other rooms.

How well matched should the rugs in adjoining rooms be?

The living and dining areas can be upgraded with matching carpets. This will go the best if both the rooms are of an open plan structure. If the architecture is of closed nature, you can pick two different colors for both the rooms and add variety to it. For example, you can pick yellow and gold for the living areas and pick the colors red and gold for the dining area.

Are there any rules to coordinate the rug colors?

There is a basic rule for choosing rugs for adjoining rooms in open plan architecture. You should go for complimentary patterns and the ones that have one or more colors in common. It can be the geometric pattern or simple squares or floral inhibits.

How to pick complementary rugs for one room?

The key to complementing rugs in one particular room is to pick the ones that have at least one color in common. The patterns too must not be too disillusioning. The more simple the designs are, the better they will be exhibited in the décor.

How to pick area rugs for adjoining rooms?

Area rugs have a different rule before they are selected and finalized. The rugs for the adjoining living and dining rooms need to be linked through one color. They might have different designs till the color tones are matching. The living room can have a grey rug with blue patchwork on it while the dining room can have completely grey overtones.

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