Importance Of Transparent Roofs In The Home

Some of the importance of transparent roofs in the home according to guardian home roofing company are:

Protection And Lighting For Environments

The structures with transparent roofs are ideal for creating illuminated corridors joining environments, such as the house’s front yard with the backyard, or serving as a passage between two different buildings. The building above has a steel structure creating a glass covering over the entire length of the side corridor of the house, promoting total illumination of the environment and at the same time protecting the space against time. Another advantage of this type of coverage is that it allows to maintain the gardens and the cultivation of plants since the passage of sunlight is not interrupted.

Skylights In Strategic Locations

When the area of ​​the stairs and the corridor does not allow the construction of windows to the outside, as it is positioned in the central structure and seated between support walls, we can plan the inclusion of zenith elements to illuminate the space’s natural light efficiently. The townhouse project included a skylight as a solution to illuminate the staircase, and the choice of glass railing helps to spread the light throughout the passage area of ​​the upper floor.

Transparent Covers For Garages

Covered garages in front of the house often decrease the natural lighting in the interior by obstructing the passage of light. Investing in garages covered with transparent roofs is a good option for those who want to protect the car without the new garage installation interfering too much in the aspect of the house’s facade. The townhouse has a beautiful façade. All built-in exposed rustic bricks and the choice of a transparent cover for the garage structure made all the difference in the decoration of the building, combining beauty, lightness, and functionality.

When The Bathroom Does Not Allow A Window

Often, the initial design of the house construction does not allow the inclusion of a window or vent in the bathroom. What makes the space uncomfortable and lacking natural lighting and ventilation. To solve this problem, can analyze the structure of the house. If changes are possible, we can include a skylight to illuminate the bathroom area, improve the functionality of the space, and enhance the decoration. The bathroom above solved the lack of windows, including a skylight just above the shower area, providing a source of natural lighting in the room.