Take the stress out of HAND-TUFTED RUGS

Among the most innovative rugs options in the industry, hand-tufted rugs are now the most demanding and appealing interior option among people. Hand-tufted rugs are among the most luxurious, creative, and artistic in the world of rug production. Several factors contribute to their lavishness, including yarn content, fine detailing, and finishing techniques.

What are the varieties of hand-tufted rugs?

Hand-tufted rugs are manufactured in a wide variety that suits every surface to provide lots of options and finishes to choose from that will suit the individual style and design aesthetic. There are many surface options that  include cut-pile, loop pile, or a combination of the two. Among some of the finishing techniques is random shearing, carving, beveling, recessing, and embossing, which may be applied to the surface, giving these hand-tufted rugs a touch of your elegance. To create a high degree of sculpting, a combination of surface levels can be used which gives off three-dimensional effects, which adds an extra wow factor to your rug. There is no limitation to the shapes and sizes you can choose for your tufted rugs.

The more detail on the back of the hand-tufted rugs, the better the quality. With hand-tufted rugs, a latex coating is applied to the back of the rugs to hold their tufts in place. The applied coating is then covered over by another layer of fabric, which is usually a canvas material. Since the distinctive  between the rugs back is so glaring, flipping the rug over is by far the easiest way to identify it.

Why Hand-tufted rugs easy and quick?

One of the main advantages of having a hand tufting technique is the speed of the handmade production of one square meter of hand-tufted rugs. It takes one day with a person working on a loom. With hand-tufting, it now takes two hours. To meet deadlines in delivering orders, this capacity enabled the company which left customers very impressed.

The hand-tufting of hand-tufted rugs is one of the most flexible techniques; it allows the creation of any pattern, almost as if it were a painting. This versatility makes the hand-tufted rugs a premium solution for both residential and commercial projects. Whether it is a family home, a high-end store, or a hotel lobby, these hand-tufted rugs are the perfect solution for all purposes.

Why are hand tufted rugs the better option?

Some of the added benefits you get to cherish with these hand-tufted rugs

  • There are no limitations to shape or size availability in hand-tufted rugs
  • You will have unlimited color choices in these rugs
  • With hand-tufted rugs, you will get the unlimited custom-design possibilities
  • you will get the intricate design detail with these hand-tufted rugs
  • There are a variety of surface options and levels in these rugs
  • you will get a variety of finishing and no seams in the final product
  • You will have durability and longevity by installing these hand-tufted rugs.