What is a Domain Age Checker Tool and How Does it Work?

There are over a billion web pages on the World Wide Web, operating in various commercial and service categories. Thousands of new domain names are uploaded to the web every hour if statistics are to be believed. A website’s domain age is important since it might provide important information about its credibility. A domain’s age may be used to determine its brand value with ease. You may coordinate your marketing and SEO initiatives based on the age of the site. Know more about when was a domain registered

What is a Domain age checker?

A domain age checker is a tool that allows owners of a site and marketers to assess the age of the domain or site. The age of a website domain shows that a website has lasted for the time when it was registered and active on the Internet.

 How a Domain Age Checker Works?

The security tool is very helpful with getting the domain age. How old a domain is can be determined in different ways.  Through their scanning tools, the domain age checkers go through the domain registration date, the date it was last updated, and the date it was last crawled by Google and other search engines.

Steps to how to determine the domain age:

The user types in a domain name in the tool. The tool would then send a request to a domain registrar database to check the date of the domain’s registration thereafter. The tool will, then, check the whois records to ensure the registration date and the date of the last revised. The tool makes use of the Wayback Machine to find out the date when the website was first created. The program then carries out the computation and comes up with the domain age by simply subtracting from the current date the date of registration.

Different Types of Domain Age Checker Tools:

WHOIS Lookup Tools

With the WHOIS Lookup tools, you can extract a vast amount of information concerning the registration and expiration dates of a domain. These tools can be a big help if you need to know more about the domain name’s age and history.

 Domain Archive Tools

Arcane online tools crawl through the back web in an attempt to track down websites and build a history of how these sites used to look and function in the past. The tool would be a helpful one providing a complete picture as to the way the site would develop over the course of time.

Search Engine Crawler Tools

You can also use the crawler tools to find out when the search engine last crawled a specific website. Such data would facilitate the process of knowing about the frequency with which the website is being edited with new content.

High-Powered Filter Tools for Domain Age Checking

Domain age checkers specialized to the dedicated domain age can also tell you a lot about the domain age. These tools do that by reading the identifying data from WHOIS records, archiving data, and using a web crawler. Through the aggregation of the information, the tools are offered to the users a whole storyline with details about a domain’s age and background.

Mistakes to Avoid When Using a Domain Age Checker:

  • Domain age is the registration age, but not necessarily the website’s age.
  • Emphasize domain content, design, and user experience even if you pay attention to domain age for credibility.
  • This may mean that the tool will have no such thing as a domain expiration date, an important piece of data to know if one wishes to use the domain later.
  • Look through the domain history and check if there was any past association with spamming or blacklisted activities.