What to look for when purchasing silk curtains?

Sensuous silk is said to be spun from gold although it is cultivated from the cocoon of silkworms. When conjuring up images of it beginning as gold however is a more romantic thought.

Silk curtain fabric

Despite the location silk has been introduced and made available, it has long been known as royalty among fabrics. Silk has excellent components; it takes color beautifully and has a range of possibilities with different textures for its finish.  The resemblance of raw silk is with a linen weave and is completely different is it has excellent distinction; taffeta is bold and crisp, and silk ducks are great options for upholstery. For silk curtains, fabrics need to be lighter weaves. Dupioni, taffeta, and raw silk are favorites. Dupioni and taffeta are popular for another distinction known to silk: their exquisite embroidered designs. These designs run the gammet from detailed, ancient plans to newer, contemporary designs like polka dots and stripes.

What’s negative about silk curtains?

The negative aspects of silks, such as fading and rotting easily with sun exposure, are easily overcome for draperies by using durable linings. Silk needs two linings to stand the test of time. The inner lining is usually a heavier “gimp” or cotton flannel in a quality curtain construction. This will keep the body of the page hanging and protect against drying out by keeping the fabric out of direct sunlight.

Perfect as sound and heat insulator

It also serves as insulation from external elements. The outer lining should be a medium-weight twill made of cotton or synthetics. The outer lining helps prevent the lighter sides from falling and ensures a good hang of the curtain. It also helps prevent the silk from drying out and rotting. Another purpose of the exterior is to keep moisture out of the place, which can happen when the windows “weep”.

Silk curtains are often an investment, so consumers need to be sure they are getting a quality product with all the bells and whistles. Additional details that add to the durability and appearance of silk curtains are hand-stitched and weighted hems.