Top Digital Onboarding Companies In The UAE

Digital onboarding is a marketing method that incorporates new customers into your company. This is achieved in a variety of ways in the digital age. Some companies choose to offer a presentation to demonstrate the benefits of using this business, while others may choose to gather customer details and approach them with subtle prods.

It doesn’t matter what approach you prefer; digital onboarding is the future for customer attraction and retention. But who is best at it? Here are the top digital onboarding companies in the UAE.

Capterra United

Capterra is a company that was founded in 1999. This was at the height of the internet boom, so the founders decided to create a relevant business with the ability to provide software solutions to other companies. Seeing as how software programs are used in almost every facet of modern business, you can see why this was a good idea for a start-up.

The business has expanded in recent years to accommodate growth in the digital age. As such, Capterra United has started to offer digital onboarding software as part of its business plan. That is why Capterra United is one of the most successful software companies in the UAE.

Emirates NBD

Emirates NBD is a strange company diving into the world of digital onboarding. NBD stands for national bank of Dubai, so you can probably guess that this company’s main goal is to function as a bank. However, the business has been known to stray into other money-making enterprises since its inception.

While the company has always tried to keep up with new digital technologies, it seems that Emirates NBD has struck gold by implementing digital onboarding software as a standard practice within the company. As of January 2021, Emirate NBD got ahead of other digital onboarding companies by including digital onboarding as part of the customer sign-up process. This means that the business now has a full list of details for almost all its customers. As one of the largest banks in the UAE, that is a lot of useful information under one roof.


Starting in 1976, RAKbank opened as a public joint stock company. The main aim of this company was to provide corporate leaders with a banking solution; however, the business changed strategies in 2001 when the bank started to cater to personal bankers as well. However, this is not the first time that RAKbank has changed its focus to stay relevant.

In April 2022, the bank decided to launch an initiative where small and medium enterprise loan customers could now apply for finance. This was only made possible through its digital onboarding services. As a result, the company now stands as one of the largest providers of digital onboarding services.


The three businesses above are currently some of the biggest digital onboarding companies in the UAE. The digital onboarding service is becoming essential in modern business, so expect more big names to join this field in the years to come. For now, though, these are the names to look out for.