Why are bulk meat orders preferred in Canada?

Purchasing meat from a grocery store is a tiring job due to the long waiting lines. Frequent purchases of meat in small quantities make it further annoying. Hence, bulk meat orders are gaining acceptance among consumers.

There is a surge in demand for Farm Club Meats due to their offers in bulk boxes that can be ordered online. Customers are increasingly realizing the benefits of bulk orders.

This article takes you through the benefits of bulk meat orders and suggestions on good buying practices.

Let us begin!

Advantages of buying meat in bulk

Customers are usually worried about cost and preservation while considering bulk meat orders. However, you will be surprised at the benefits of the idea.

  1. Economical: Purchase of meat in bulk gives you a better price per pound than separate cut pieces. Further, firms offer attractive discounts on bulk purchases.
  2. Saves time: You save the time that is usually spent on frequent visits to the store to buy small tranches of meat.
  3. Health: Many firms today offer organic meat in bulk packs. Purchasing in bulk allows you to cook and store healthy meat dishes for a long time while saving time.
  4. Environment: Bulk purchase of meat cuts down on packaging waste and transport fuel. So, it is a greener choice.
  5. Convenience: Having sufficient meat stock at home saves you from running to the stores at rush hours to satisfy an unexpected craving or a guest.
  6. Safety: Buying farm-fresh meat in bulk ensures that you can directly walk into the farm and ascertain the quality of the meat. It keeps your family safe.

It is advised to undertake flash-frozen and vacuum-sealed packages for bulk orders to ensure better preservation.

Some tips to make the best out of bulk orders

Buying meat in bulk needs a little preparation in terms of planning. Here are a few tips.

  • Planning: Plan your meals a week or two ahead and select meats accordingly in your purchase.
  • Freezing: A deep freezer is necessary for storing bulk meats. Else you run the risk of contamination.
  • Sales: Always keep a tab on the local sales. You get great deals and deep discounts during such sales. Make the best use of it.
  • Quality: Check information like expiry dates and meat grades to ensure that your bulk purchases don’t get wasted.

Concluding thoughts

Buying meat in bulk can be a lot simpler than you thought. With the necessary planning, bulk orders are an economical and convenient way to make meat purchases.