4 Interesting Tourist Spots in Jakarta for Foreign Tourists

Indonesia has long been known as one of the most popular tourist destinations for foreign tourists. Not only Bali, but many foreign tourists also visit Jakarta. Before vacationing in Jakarta, tourists must also exchange their money for the indonesia currency, IDR or Indonesian Rupiah (Rp), to make transactions.

There are many exciting tourist attractions in Jakarta that foreign tourists can visit. One of the most famous is the national monument or ‘MONAS, which is a symbol of national pride. Besides Monas, of course, there are still many of other places can be visited by tourists. The list is as follow:

Tourist Spots Frequently Visited by Foreign Tourists

1. National Monument or MONAS

Maybe many Indonesian people often go there and are seem not really excited, but it’s different from foreign tourists. It is free to enter the park area surrounding, but you need to pay for the entrance ticket if you want to enter the monument.

If you want, you can also climb to the top of the monument with a special ticket price. To go to MONAS is also relatively easy because we can use many forms of public transportation.

2. Old town

Old Town (Kota Tua), with its uniqueness, is also a favorite place for foreign and domestic tourists who are traveling to Jakarta. Even though at certain times this place is quite crowded. However, the Old Town is indeed very iconic and worth a visit.

You’ll find many museums as you get there, such as the Wayang Museum, Fatahillah History Museum, BI Museum, Ceramics Museum, Maritime Museum, and Bank Mandiri Museum.

3. Ancol and Dufan

Theme parks are familiar tourist spots because every country usually has a place like this. Ancol and Dufan can be the options for visitors who like exciting and fun tours.

If you want to go to Ancol and Dufan, you can extend the time that has been provided. It feels like one day is still not enough to try the various rides there. In Dufan, which is a part of the Ancol area, you can find many rides ranging from child-friendly rides to rides that can stimulate your adrenaline.

So, this place is indeed very suitable to be visited by anyone. Besides playing rides, Ancol also has other exciting sites besides Dufan, such as Sea World.

4. Chinatown in Glodok

For tourists who like photography, the Chinatown area in Glodok can be an exciting spot to take pictures. To experience another atmosphere of Chinatown Glodok, try visiting Candra Naya.

Candra Naya is a significant house in the middle of the Novotel Hotel building. There, tourists can see the inside of the house with various kinds of Chinese culture and traditions.

Apart from the places already mentioned, Jakarta has many other exciting places. Not only foreign tourists but local tourists also like to visit these places. Explore Jakarta further to find other exciting places of your own!