How and why is food pyramid crucial for your kid’s growth?

The kids as the super moms know are very mischievous and choosy when it comes to food. They feel that normal is boring so expect their moms to be super-efficient in giving them a variety of food that can suit their taste buds. However, the health of the child is most important for the parents and they get anxious about the food habits as their children start growing. The parents ponder over the fact whether they can take care of their child by providing ample and nutritious food. Let’s see the categorization of nutritious food for students through a food pyramid for kids.

What Is a Food Pyramid for Kids?


As the children step into their growing years, their diet needs to be healthy and balanced to keep them growing. Balanced food is the combination of a diet that tends to provide all the nutrients in an equal and proportionate amount. All the basic and certain specific food groups are included like grains, vegetables, etc. a food pyramid is made to make things easily understandable regarding a balanced diet. 

It is an illustration of a pyramid shape that represents the pictorial view of different food items and the necessary amounts of these foods suitable for the children. It is the food chart that depicts the details of different food groups like fats, minerals, proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates that are required for your children

The chart is made such that the top compartment of the pyramid indicates the food items that should be consumed in less quantity and the lower portion of the pyramid shows the food item that is most important and should be consumed in adequate quantity. 

Structure Of Food Pyramid from Top to Bottom

  • The top layer of the pyramid consists of food items and drinks that are rich in fats, for example, sugar, salt, rice, etc.
  • The second layer of the pyramid contains fats and oils.
  • The third layer comprises food items like meat, eggs, beans, poultry, nuts, fish, etc.
  • The fourth layer includes dairy products like milk and curd.
  • The fifth layer of the pyramid has the greenies like seasonal fruits and vegetables.
  • The sixth layer comprises cereals, legumes, pulses, the bread which are rich in bodybuilding groups.

The Importance of Food Pyramid for Kids

The growing age of children requires all the nutrients like fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, protein, minerals, fibre, etc. in a proportionate amount. The amount of these nutrients for all the children differs according to their age groups as well as gender. A food pyramid serves the purpose of general guidelines for the parents and it becomes easy for them to understand the requirements and the components of a balanced diet. 

It is always recommended that whenever you are in a doubt regarding the food items to select for your kid then refer to the food pyramid for kids which acts as a guide and provides complete details ranging from the type to the optimal quantities for intake.