How to open and convert HEIC files online on Android

Despite the fact that many users are unaware of it, we not only live on the .jpg and .png formats when we talk about images (not to mention the formats of some applications such as Photoshop, Pixelmator, CorelDraw. In current years for try to get better both space competence and web page loading, new image formats have appeared.

Today, it is very common to find images in the .webp format on the internet, a format that reduces the size of .jpg files to a minimum, so the load of web pages is considerably reduced (if not we take scripts into account).

The HEIC (High Efficiency Image Coding) format was first introduced in a mobile operating system by Apple running iOS 11 (two and a half years ago). This format, which is not typical of Apple (it must be said) allows us to reduce the size of the photographs we take by half, maintaining the quality of the traditional .jpg format.

From the date, Google seems that it does not quite give the importance that this format has when it comes to storing images on our device, and therefore, on Google Photos. Though it is factual that it requires a influential processor, most devices in the market are equivalent to or more powerful than the iPhone 7 and also (older iPhone model compatible with this format).

This armed forces us, if we discover a file in this format for make use of an application to run it and, if essential, convert them. While native Android compatibility with this format arrives, we can make use of the AnyConv web application, which allows us to both open and batch convert heicto jpg on our Android device. AnyConv is a free application.