What is Adson Forceps?

Adson forceps are versatile surgical instruments commonly used in various medical procedures across different specialties. These forceps feature fine, serrated tips and a delicate design that allows for precise grasping and manipulation of tissues, sutures, and other delicate structures during surgical interventions. In this article, we explore the use of Adson forceps, their applications in medical practice, and their significance in achieving optimal surgical outcomes.

Anatomy and Design

Adson forceps, also known as Adson tissue forceps, comprise slender, serrated jaws with fine teeth along the inner surface. They typically feature a length of approximately 12 centimeters, making them suitable for delicate surgical procedures. The jaws may be straight or curved, depending on the specific application and the surgeon’s preference. The handles of Adson forceps are ergonomically designed for a comfortable grip and precise control during surgical maneuvers.

Applications in Surgery

Tissue Grasping:

  • Adson forceps are commonly used to grasp and manipulate delicate tissues during surgical procedures. Their fine serrations provide a secure grip on tissues without causing excessive trauma or damage.


  • Surgeons utilize Adson forceps to hold and manipulate sutures during wound closure. The delicate tips and precise control afforded by these forceps facilitate accurate placement and tensioning of sutures, contributing to optimal wound healing.

Dressing Changes:

  • Adson forceps are valuable tools for performing dressing changes and wound care procedures. Surgeons use these forceps to gently lift and remove dressings, as well as to handle wound care materials with precision and control.


  • In microsurgical procedures, such as ophthalmic surgery and neurosurgery, Adson forceps play a crucial role in handling delicate tissues and performing intricate maneuvers under magnification. Their fine tips and lightweight design are well-suited for microsurgical techniques.

Dermatological Procedures:

  • Dermatologists and plastic surgeons utilize Adson forceps for precise tissue manipulation during skin grafting, scar revision, and other cosmetic procedures. The delicate grasp provided by these forceps allows for meticulous control and refinement of surgical outcomes.

Vascular Surgery:

  • In vascular surgery, Adson forceps are utilized for handling delicate blood vessels, vascular grafts, and microvascular anastomoses. The fine tips and atraumatic grip of these forceps minimize the risk of vascular injury and optimize surgical precision.


Adson forceps are indispensable tools in the armamentarium of surgeons across various medical specialties. Their fine, serrated jaws and delicate design make them ideal for grasping and manipulating tissues, sutures, and other delicate structures during surgical interventions. From general surgery to microsurgery, dermatology, and beyond, Adson forceps play a vital role in achieving optimal surgical outcomes. By providing surgeons with precise control and reliable tissue handling capabilities, Adson forceps contribute to enhanced patient safety and improved surgical results.