4 Excellent Balcony Kitchen Ideas: A Smart Space-Saving Move for Open-Air Dining in Urban Homes

The kitchen design is one of the most important spaces in your home. Mostly, it is created attached to the dining room design. However, there are no rules that say you cannot create the kitchen anywhere else. Many people like the outdoors for creating the kitchen. There are many benefits of an outdoor kitchen. For instance, you will not have to worry about the smoke and smell spreading in your house. Also, there is always plenty of natural light available. You can enjoy a great view at the same time as well. Do not worry if you do not have a large backyard for creating an outdoor kitchen. The balcony design can be used for this purpose as well. If you are not sure about how to create a beautiful kitchen on your balcony, here are a few ideas you can take inspiration from:

01 of 04 Create space for a barbeque on your balcony

One of the best places for creating a barbeque space is the balcony. You will be able to enjoy the refreshing breeze while cooking during the summer. A very large balcony design is not required for this purpose. You can fit it even in a small space. You just need sufficient space for the barbecue. Set it on a high table and place it close to the open area. It will ensure that the smoke goes away outside and does not enter your home interiors. Make sure that sufficient space is available near the table to keep the rest of the things. 

02 of 04 Create the perfect dining space on your balcony 

Cooking in a kitchen on your balcony can be an amazing experience. However, it will always remain incomplete if you cannot dine there. Enjoying food in an open-air setup is quite the experience. The refreshing breeze, surrounding lights, and open view will certainly make your dining experience more luxurious. Since the food will be prepared next to the dining space, it will be easy to serve as well. 

You must keep in mind that an open dining space on your balcony cannot be decorated any way you want. It is crucial to always keep the dining room design to a minimum. Stick to white tablecloths as well. You do not want any element of your dining space to overshadow the beautiful view in front. Also, avoid very bright lights. However, sufficient light should be available so that people can see clearly. Floor lanterns are considered a great option for open dining spaces as they create a beautiful ambiance and allow people to enjoy candlelight open-air dining. You will never regret choosing this option. 

03 of 04 Kitchen with organic food garden on your balcony 

Many people have a garden on the balcony. Combining the garden and kitchen space on your balcony has its own perks. You can use the garden to grow various organic foods that are healthy and tasty. They can be used as ingredients for many different dishes while cooking. You can pick them from your garden and use them for cooking. This will allow you to use fresh ingredients for your dishes. It is said that freshly grown ingredients taste better. 

You will have to be careful about the positioning while creating this kitchen on your balcony design. The garden cannot be kept anywhere. Always ensure that it receives direct sunlight so that your edible vegetables can grow faster. Just make sure that you design both spaces properly so that they complement each other. If the designs do not look good together, the kitchen design might appear awkward.

04 of 04 Host pizza parties by adding a pizza oven to the balcony

 Everyone loves a pizza party irrespective of their age. You can consider hosting a pizza party on your balcony and inviting all your guests. It will be a great and happening gathering. Do not worry if you are thinking that making pizzas will be very complicated. You only need to add a pizza oven to your balcony kitchen. They will prepare the pizzas very fast and allow you to serve them within a few minutes. The balcony is best for the pizza oven because most indoor kitchens in urban cities do not have enough room to accommodate a pizza oven and the rest of the kitchen appliances. However, you can easily fit it on a small balcony as well. Just make sure that you place it on one side of the balcony so that sufficient free space is available to host the party. You only need space to arrange a few chairs. A table is not necessary for serving pizza slices.