How much protein does your body need? 

Have you ever wondered how much protein your body needs? Some of us overdo it at times. We eat too much protein or too little which can hamper our health in some way or the other. If you want to gain muscle or lose weight, your dietician is going to tell you to increase your protein intake. 

The question is – How much protein does your body need? There can’t be one answer to this question. Everyone’s body is different, so the requirements will also be different. 

Here’s a quick post that sheds light on this subject. So, dive right in and find out the right protein intake for your body. 

How to calculate protein intake? 

Now, your protein intake will be based on your height, weight, goals, and age. Did you know that both men and women have different protein requirements? 

It also depends on the activity level. Let’s say you lead a sedentary lifestyle; it means your body is not moving too much. If you have a physically taxing job, you would need more protein as compared to someone who has a desk job. 

Although the figures are unclear as different people will tell you different things, you need 0.8 grams protein/kilogram. 

You need to eat the minimum amount to stay healthy and fit. 

Overeating proteins can be troublesome for people. As they say – excess of anything and everything can be bad. 

What are the best protein-rich foods? 

Carnivores will have a gala time as there are many protein-rich foods out there. God has blessed the planet with all kinds of meat like beef, chicken, lamb, game, and seafood. Anyone who has a problem with killing animals can eat eggs, soy, and legumes. 

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