How to choose the unique jewelry gifts to present your loved one?

Jewels are always striking and unforgettable gifts. On special dates, such as birthdays, they are great options to get out of the cliché and give a lot of personality. Birthday is an invitation to celebrate moments of life and surprise the loved one with a striking gift. And what could be better than Nano Jewellery? Have you ever thought about surprising your wife/girl friend with jewelry? It is always important to keep the flame of affection burning. Jewels are enchanting gifts, so if you are still in doubt as to which jewel should present your loved one, check below 3 beautiful gift possibilities.

Necklace is the first choice

Did you think about giving your loved one something that she will be able to use on a daily basis and always remember the good times? A necklace is a great idea. She can carry her gift close to her heart. If your wife is delicate and likes personalized things, a beautiful necklace with the couple’s initials is the right choice. If your loved one is classic and loves to receive gifts full of sophistication and very romantic, gold necklace with heart shaped pendant can be a great way. If you have fewer budgets, you can gift her silver necklace.

Engagement ring

Do you want take advantage of her birthday and surprise her with marriage proposal? Choosing an engagement ring is an important part of this process. It will be a daily reminder of the “yes” and a great way to make the engagement official. Every time she looks at the ring, she will remember of you and everything you have prepared to please her. One way to decide which ring to buy is to think about her personal style. If your future bride is a classic woman, think of a ring with smaller stones, instead of a very large and striking solitary stone. If she has a very striking style, a gold ring with a larger stone tends to please her more. Also be aware that her profession can influence the style of the jewelry.

Bracelets and Bangles 

Is your girlfriend the type of woman who is passionate about details and accessories and doesn’t give up always having an accessory on her wrist? What could be better than a silver or gold bracelet, with or without a pendant? Think of a bracelet that deviates from patterns, with waves or pendants. She will love it for sure. She loves having an accessory on her wrist, but is it really minimalist? Try to choose a bracelet without flashy or colored pendants.