Tipping etiquette for high rollers at online casinos

As a valued high-stakes player at an online casino, you enjoy VIP status and personalized service from your hosts and account reps. While not required, tipping these staff members is customary for heavy hitters to express gratitude and ensure continued pampering. Read on for proper tipping etiquette as a high roller at top online gaming sites. Unlike land-based casinos, tips aren’t always expected from players at online casinos. Games are automated and you don’t have a dealer or attendant personally serving you. As a consistent high-stakes bettor, it’s good form to show appreciation for your VIP hosts who manage your account. Tipping cements your status and motivates exceptional service.

When to tip your casino host?

Common instances when it’s appropriate to tip your dedicated account host include.

  • Birthday – Tip on your birthday when they likely give you a special gift.
  • Big Wins – Give a tip after hitting a sizable jackpot.
  • Personal Help – Anytime they provide exceptional 1-on-1 service.
  • Holidays – Christmas and New Year’s are popular tipping occasions.

Of course, you can tip randomly anytime to express gratitude and maintain a positive relationship.

How much to tip?

There are no definitive standards on tip amounts, but a general guideline is tipping your host 10-20% of your average monthly deposit amount. So, if you deposit around $10,000 per month, consider a $1,000 – $2,000 tip. Even a few hundred dollars shows appreciation. Major jackpots or special favors may warrant larger tips. Use your judgment based on the situation and your level of play. You have a couple of convenient options to tip your online casino host.

  • Cash – Arguably the most popular method is sending a cash tip via digital payment apps. It allows tipping specific amounts efficiently.
  • Gift – Alternately, you can send a physical gift purchased online and shipped to your host. Opt for nice watches, wine, gift cards, or luxury items.
  • Bonus Play – Rather than cash, you request your host to apply bonus slot plays or table game bets on your behalf.
  • Cryptocurrency – For anonymous, instant tipping, send Bitcoin or other crypto payments to your host’s wallet.

The best high roller casinos online payment and gift options allow you to tip any amount efficiently. Just confirm with your host first on preferred tipping methods. Your primary casino contact likely manages a team dedicated to your VIP experience. Don’t just tip the lead host ask them to share a percentage of tips among their support staff as well. Spreading the wealth improves morale and ensures consistently good treatment. Thanks to your elite wagering, tipping your online casino host shows appreciation for their attentive service as a high roller. While not mandatory, modest tipping on special occasions or big wins helps cement your lucrative VIP status.