Tips on how to avoid road accidents.

In recent times, road accidents have been a hot topic, this is because they are rapidly increasing. This has been due to careless driving by our drivers and driving with little or no experience at all. Most governments have been concerned and acted upon the topic of road accidents by imposing rules on preventing them. For this reason, there are rules and cautions to observe when traveling by bus or driving your own car. Below are ways to reduce road accidents.

  • Always wear your safety belt.

Wearing a safety belt reduces the chances of accidents by 50%. Drivers and passengers should wear their belts while traveling. Especially the drivers and the front passengers. This prevents one from being ejected from the vehicle during a crash. The other passengers should also tighten their safety belts to avoid being hit by the seats or being ejected from the vehicle. This reduces the chances of serious injury by 50%.

  • Do not drink and drive.

Do not risk driving while driving or drink and drive. Alcohol affects our senses and makes our eyes almost impaired. At the condition of a drunk person, you may easily cause an accident while driving under influence of alcohol. Research shows that more accidents are caused by people driving while under the influence of alcohol, as a passenger, you should not board a vehicle when the driver is drunk.

  • Always observe traffic lights.

AS a driver or a pedestrian, you should always observe traffic rules, this is to prevent commotion and road accidents. For example, the pedestrian should always walk on the footpaths without walking on the roads, while drivers should always drive on the right hand. Traffic signs and construction warnings are put in place by companies like Capital Traffic services who are trained about road safety. Always be very observant to see men at a work road sign and other signs to avoid accidents.

  • Train for poor weather conditions.

Make sure that you train for poor conditions which you may frequently find on the road. Driving in poor weather conditions makes visibility difficult and may lead to accidents. If you train in poor weather conditions it will be easy driving in the same condition on the road. This makes sure that chances of accidents are reduced. 

Other than this condition there are others that require a driver to be attentive. Things like using your mobile phone while driving, spending many night hours without sleep, and driving carelessly should be avoided by drivers.