Top 10 benefits of installing custom-made pergolas

If you’re considering adding a pergola to your home, you may be wondering if custom-made pergola offer any benefits over pre-made or do-it-yourself kits. Here are 10 reasons why custom-made pergola are usually the better option:

  1. Improved aesthetics – custom-made pergolas can be designed to match the existing architecture and style of your home seamlessly;
  2. Better functionality – custom-made pergolas can be designed with specific features in mind, such as integrated lighting or ceiling fans;
  3. Increased durability – custom-made pergolas are often constructed using higher quality materials than pre-made or do-it-yourself kits;
  4. Longer lifespan – custom-made pergolas are built to last, whereas pre-made or do-it-yourself kits may need to be replaced more often;
  5. Greater value – custom-made pergolas typically add more value to your home than pre-made or do-it-yourself kits;
  6. Improved resale value – custom-made pergolas can help increase the resale value of your home;
  7. Lower maintenance costs – custom-made pergolas generally require less maintenance than pre-made or do-it-yourself kits;
  8. Easier installation – custom-made pergolas are usually easier to install than pre-made or do-it-yourself kits;
  9. Greater flexibility – custom-made pergolas can be designed to meet your specific needs and preferences;
  10. Better warranty – custom-made pergolas often come with a better warranty than pre-made or do-it-yourself kits.

Are custom-made pergolas worth investing in? If you’re looking for top quality, lasting results, and added value for your home, custom-made pergolas are definitely worth considering. Work with a reputable custom builder to get started on your project today!

Where to install custom-made pergolas?

Custom-made pergolas can be installed in any number of locations around your home. Some common places include:

  1. Over a deck or patio;
  2. In a garden or backyard;
  3. Next to a pool;
  4. Near an outdoor kitchen or dining area;
  5. As part of a pergola kit.