Friendship Day Gifts: 5 Surprising Gift Ideas for Your Friend

This Friendship Day, why not make it a little more special for your friends with one of these Friendship Day gift ideas? Whether you’re looking for something sentimental or just want to show them how much they mean to you, we’ve got the perfect gifts.

The best part about the gift options mentioned here is that they are all personalised to touch their hearts. Surely, your friendship day gift will strengthen your friendship.

So, explore the 5 surprising gift ideas for your buddy.

  1. Personalised Wall Hanging

Gift your friend a personalized wall hanging that he/she can hang it on their living room wall. This will make those unnerving moments feel like a walk in the park.

You can lift your buddy’s mood with any photo on this perfect frame, whether it’s from your childhood trip to the most recent hangout!

Never worry about someone using the same frame as you. Make yours stand out by being one of its kind.

  1. Kada For Men

Unlike past times, men also like to wear jewelry to add a spice to their look. Kada is one of the common accessories that men like to pair with their outfits. Therefore, we suggest you gifting this unique Kada for men by Etchcraft Emporium to your friend.

You won’t have to worry about not fitting into their wrist as it has an open-cuff design! Customize this Kada with your friend’s name and he/she will fall in love with your friendship day gift. It’s a perfect piece of jewelry that can be paired with any outfit- thanks to its glossy silver finish.

  1. Name Bracelet

If your friend loves stylish pieces of jewelry, then you should get this custom-made name bracelet for them.  This gift item is also from Etchcraft Emporium. The designers have taken complete care of the wearer’s comfort as well as style. This sleek bracelet is highly comfortable; hence it can be used on daily basis. Additionally, it features a glossy surface that can be customized with any text of your choice. If you remember the date or year of your friendship, then get that engraved on it otherwise look for any other text or phrase to turn a simple bracelet cover into a stylish gift item.

  1. Mobile Cover

In today’s time, everyone has a mobile due to which market is full of different types of mobile covers. This gives you a great gifting option. You can get a custom-made mobile cover for your friend that has their best click displayed. If you don’t have their best picture, you can customize the cover with their name or any friendship quote. Lastly, it’s your choice whether to get a silicone case or a shell cover for the protection of their phone.

  1. Car Keychain

Now, it’s turn for the most versatile gift options for all friends out there. We are talking about a car keychain that is designed by Etchcraft Emporium. It is a beautiful keychain that is not just useful but also stylish. It is designed like a car and lets you customize it as per your buddy’s car logo. Furthermore, you can get his/her car’s number engraved on the silver shiny surface.

If your friend doesn’t possess a car, then you can get their name or any quotation designed on it. It would add a personalised touch and make your gift really special to your pal this friendship day.


Each of these friendship gift ideas is just perfect from all aspects- affordable, personalised, and unisex. If you want more gift suggestions, comment below and we’ll be back soon with more options.